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Welcome to the StringJob Site.

Welcome to the StringJob Site. A site that focuses on improving and professionalizing your material. StringJob offers "services" in the field of stringing and tuning squash and tennis rackets.

Stringing and Tuning

There are many ways to get more out of yourself and the material. With one of those ways when it comes to a cash factor of your material, StringJob can be of service to you. StringJob services are used by top squash and tennis players. With an ERSA certification as a Master Professional Stringer, there is a guarantee for all services provided. 

Nele Gilis

PSA Ranking #13 Nele plays with the STELLAR Assult en Ashaway MultiNick 1.15(Gauge 18)

Paul Coll

PSA Ranking #1 Paul plays with the HEAD Speed 120 Graphene 360+ Slimbody en Kirschbaum 1.22 (Gauge 17) in fan pattern

Fleur Maas

Young Dutch Talent
#5 of The Netherlands. Fleur plays with the DUNLOP Hyperfibre XT Revelation 125 and DUNLOP Iconic Pro AF 1.18 (Gauge 18)

The Players

Players supported by StringJob include Paul Coll, Nele Gilis and Fleur Maas. It is not only the professionals who use the services in the field of stringing and tuning rackets. But several amateur players have also found their way from the services offered by StringJob.

Why StringJob

Master Professional Certified stringer

ERSA certified Master Professional Stringer. A guarantee for quality and knowledge in the field of racket stringing and tuning rackets.

Collaboration with the pros

By working closely with professionals with their wishes and requirements, StringJob can create a simbiosis between the professionals and the daily squash and tennis players.

Maximum result

Attractive results that lead to victories are multifaceted. One of them is a balanced, constant factor of the material. An aspect that often deserves too little attention and where more than profit can be made.

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